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In offering properietary and confidential information of PAC International, registration for a one year membership is required to view and access company information beyond publicly hosted information.

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Fully paid clients and partners are given third level access which provides access to confidential and proprietary information, contracts, agreements, feasibility studies, and other relevant intellectual properties for the design, development, and deployment of project specific programs.

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All documents, agreements, and contracts are the sole property of Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International (PAC). Information that is shared is for the sole purpose of engagement in business to mutually fulfill specific requirements regarding projects and services that have been discussed, negotiated, and agreed upon. Any account discrepancies or concerns should be brought to our attention immediately. Access to the aforementioned is completely secure and private and provided with permission of PAC International.
Becoming a World Leader in Sustainable Aquaculture

PAC'S mission is to become a world leader in the sea cucumber farming industry, providing unique and innovative aquaculture solutions to third-world countries that promote sustainable economic, environmental, and human development.

Joint Venture Revenue Sharing

PAC offers trade, commerce, joint venture revenue sharing, sustainability of marine and other natural resources, and the propagation of new and nutritious foods, as well as new sources of biological material for production of the next generation of pharmaceutical wonder drugs.

Exemplify Social and Environmental Responsibility

PAC exemplifies social and environmental responsibility through the application of and training in practical sea farming methodologies that will create meaningful and productive jobs in less-developed countries.


Sea cucumber fishing is very important to the livelihoods of coastal communities, particularly artisanal and small scale fishers in developing countries. Therefore, socio-economic issues in sea cucumber fisheries are important and should be recognized and incorporated in fishery management programmes. In particular, livelihood options should be made available to fishers if management regulation put restrictions on the fisheries, such as bans on fishing.

"Advances in Sea Cucumber Aquaculture and Management", the Fisheries Department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), 18 October 2003

Limitations in our current antiviral treatment options and the continuing emergence of new pathogenic viruses have contributed to a growing need for new and effective chemotherapeutic agents to treat viral diseases. The marine environment provides a rich source of chemical diversity for the screening and identification of new compounds with desirable antiviral properties. Many of the new and structurally distinct metabolites that have been found in marine algae, invertebrate animals, and microorganisms have pronounced biological activities and constitute a valuable chemical resource for the discovery of lead compounds that may aid in the development of new antiviral therapies.

"Current Medicinal Chemistry - Anti-Infective Agents", Volume 3, Number 3, September 2004, pp. 233-249