Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International

Specializing in sustainable aquaculture and biorock technology

services overview

Aquatic production of diverse marine species/polyculture

By cultivating juvenile sea cucumbers (echinoderms), and other marine species of economic, nutritional, and pharmaceutical value, PAC International is able to tap into multi-billion dollar global markets.

At any tropical farm location, PAC operations can produce over 50 species of valuable marine commodities. Prices for these commodities regularly range from $100-1000 USD/KG wet, dry, frozen, extracted, or as live specimens; and demand is strong and growing in all sectors. Farm sites using PAC'S methodologies will sustainably and conservatively generate $5,000,000 in annual income for the first 3 years, and then are expected to yield $5,000,000 quarterly once farm production is well established.

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Biorock Technology

This patented process, a marine electro-mineral accretion technology, uses renewable energy sources to grow cement-like engineering structures and marine ecosystems, often for mariculture of corals, oysters, clams, lobsters and fish in salt water. It works by passing a small electric current through electrodes in the water. The structure grows more or less without limit as long as current flows. All of which serves the purpose of coral reef restoration, coastal remediation, and the restoration of thriving marine life biodiversity.

PAC has for the first time revolutionized and commercialized aquaculture applications of BioRock technology. Dr. Goreau's substantive findings conclusively prove that electro-stimulation using the BioRock Process accelerates growth and survivability of all marine organisms rigorously tested.

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Value Added Aquaculture Processing

Adding value means employing proprietary processing methods, specialized ingredients and/or novel packaging to enhance the nutrition, sensory characteristics, shelf life and convenience of food and bio-pharmaceutical products.

PAC's team has developed a secret method of bio-pharmaceutical extraction yielding the highest value and longest chain compounds significantly in advance, and refinement above any competitor.

These natural long chain compounds are highly sought after for patented treatments of humanity's greatest debilitating diseases icluding HIV, Cancer, and Arthritis. Other noteworthy and high value uses include the natural treatment of Impotence as active ingredients in high value cosmetics, and in Malaria and Ebola research.

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