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Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International (PAC) is a global aquaculture business enterprise with highly proprietary, innovative, and successful technologies strategically engineered to sustainably supply the world's growing protein and biopharmaceutical commodity needs long into the future. This mission is being achieved by farming sea cucumbers and other rare and valuable marine species prized for their nutritive and curative properties on an unprecedentedly large scale using innovative, sustainable, renewable, and climate adaptive engineered marine structures. This method both protects local populations from sea level rise while at the same time providing valuable income streams through aquaculture as a modus operandi of economic and environmentally sustainable development, the sustainability of coastal communities, and the global food chain from the bottom up.

PAC's farming technologies are 1/5th the cost of conventional mono-culture hatchery technologies yet one or more orders of magnitude (10-100-1000 times) greater is size and productivity than any other technique currently known. PAC's breakthrough "BioRock PolyCulture Hatchery" technology provides electro-stimuli allowing for the mass culture of multiple valuable species simultaneously, symbiotically on multiple trophic levels, and directly in their natural environment. Spawning is much more frequently and each cohort has greater disease resistance, subjected to natural selection, and thus produces significantly more viable adult organisms for harvest than any system before conceived.

What we offer

Aquaculture Solutions

Highly developed and tested Artesinal (native) and technical mariculture solutions for all private, civic, community based, restorative, and commercial applications.

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Exceptional Logistics

PAC, unlike any other company, is capable of installing and guaranteeing durable aquaculture systems at affordable costs anywhere, including the most remote and pristine islands in the world.

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Biorock Technology

A sustainable, renewable, and self-repairing material, Biorock technology provides coral reefs with resilience to bleaching, has proven to restore marine ecosystems, and rebuild shorelines.

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Energy Solutions

PAC utilizes long lasting and highly redundant power supplies for all hatchery, Biorock, electro-stimualtive, and value added processes; resulting in unprecedented reliability and low cost overhead.

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Media Coverage

Emerald Planet - Challenges of Small Island Developing States: Micronesian Best Practices

This program features the extensive “best practices” that have been developed by formal research, international evaluations, and practical projects to meet human and environmental needs in the South Pacific. The Federated States of Micronesia is one of 38 official United Nations SIDS (Small Island Developing States).

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EmeraldPlanet - United Nations Small Islands Developing States: Sustainability in Micronesia

Insuring the proper implementation and management of its business solutions in order to safeguard and promote environmental sustainability by the use of its proprietary aqua farming methodology that will exponentially increase sea cucumber population while maintaining the integrity of the coral reefs – its natural environment and thus ameliorate the damages of global warming; promote economic development through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.

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EmeraldPlanet-Global Sea Level Rise: Reality, Technologies, to Save South Sea Islands, Civilizations

Erik Hagberg, President of PAC International, in cooperation with the Pan-America and Pan-Africa Association, the EmeraldPlanet, the World Bank, United Nations, and major donor nations have assembled a band of brilliant minds in science, business, and international non-governmental diplomacy to combat the challenges of global climate change and its effects of sea level rising on remote indiginous island states in the Pacific region.

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BBC World News: Could Electric Biorock Save Coral Reefs?

Just metres off the beach, beneath the clear water, is a giant motorbike, sitting atop a big steel structure in the shape of a speedbump. It is covered in coral, and tropical fish dart under the handlebars and between the spokes of the wheels.

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Sea Cucumber Products

Sea cucumber is widely consumed for food and as a traditional nutraceutical throughout Asian and Middle Eastern communities. It is so highly prized for its ability to fight arthritis pain and degeneration, for its anti-viral properties, as an aphrodisiac, and for regular consumption as a culinary component or in supplement form to promote overall good health. Some compounds isolated to date exhibit antimicrobial activity or act as anti-inflammatory agents and anticoagulants. Second, as a gourmet food item in the orient, they form the basis of a multimillion-dollar industry that processes the body wall for sale as beche-de-mer or trepang.

Providing Partnerships

To further achieve economic prosperity and alleviate poverty, PAC will forge strategic alliances with leaders in sustainable development by creating and maintaining partnership with multiple steak holders. They will serve to promote the interests of the company in tandem with governmental policies of the aquaculture industry, and act for the benefit of the organization as persons of expertise from diverse backgrounds and who can provide a perspective on a situation, which is independent from management, and whose background will be from academia, business, and politics.

Enterprise Wide Technology Platform

PAC will develop a Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives Business Systems Modernization (PACBSM) plan to establish a worldwide business platform capable of supporting high levels of performance. The goal of the PACBSM initiative is to enhance the processing, procurement, and shipment of its products and services through radio and Internet-enabled, globally deployed systems and standardized processes and practices. The PACBSM initiative is incorporating the lessons learned from past aquaculture industry efforts and is designed to focus on customer and employee needs.

Career Opportunity

Employees in the field will gain the solid experience of working with some of most brilliant minds in the world from various disciplines of science, business, and government. By working at the helm of a pioneering aquaculture operation calculated to grow exponentially throughout the Pacific Basin, Caribbean, and throughout the Western Hemisphere, employees will develop the skill sets and knowledge necessary to be a leader in regional districts of the globe, working with UN dignitaries, extraordinary business professionals covering some of the largest industries in sustainable development together with leading scientists in the field of environmental science.

Proprietary Farming Technology

PAC has a patent pending proprietary farming methodology capable of exponentially increasing existing sea cucumber populations. This revolutionary farming method will give PAC the ability to continuously generate sustainable harvests and provide a steady supply of sea cucumbers to the large demands of existing buyers, and expand sea cucumbers’ viability in emerging markets.

Employee Owned Franchises

By developing aqua-farming operations that are owned and operated by native islanders, the rate of unemployment would dramatically be reduced through increased jobs and increased per capita earnings. The psychological well being of native employees will be improved because they will share in the ownership of the company through stock options while receiving a steady stream of income.

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