Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International

Specializing in sustainable aquaculture and biorock technology

Coral Reef Restoration Projects

Biorock Technology as a protective measure to strengthen our corals against bleaching

Pacific Aquaculture Coooperatives International (PAC)is prepared to install a number of BioRock structures to cultivate and preserve rare corals only found throughout the Pacific Rim and select coral species whose populations are most threatened by destruction. This measure will take a proactive stance to coral reef conservation, and marine protection, and we believe will further enhance the ecotourism attraction of these regions.

Other Ongoing Projects

Ontong Java Atoll Farming

Ontong Java Development Company Ltd and PAC International are partners in sea cucumber farming of the world's largest atoll

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Biorock Polyculture Hatchery

Through twelve years of research, exploration, hypothesis, discovery, and field testing; Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International Inc. has become a world leader in the global sea cucumber farming industry, developer and on the ground champion of Climate Adaptation Strategies,

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Coral Reef Restoration

We are satisfied with the conclusive evidence supporting BioRock as an effective coral reef restoration technique, and protective measure to strengthen our corals against bleaching.

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Sea Cucumber Farming Projects

With the aquaculture industry being slightly less than 10% of the world's seafood trade of reported annual sales of $60.9 billion, the global sea cucumber market is reported at approximately $4.6 billion.

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